Jasa Brand Strategy & Visual Identity


Jasa Desain Logo Dan Branding Identity

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  • 1. Discovery Meeting

    Deep understanding for your current situation:

    – What’s your brand & business challenge?

    – Why do you want to solve it now?

    – What are your expectations from me?

  • 2. Revealing inner brand

    Revealing brand Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values.

  • 3. Sketching buyer persona

    Persona Research, Discover their Desire, Wants, Fears, Needs, Motivations and more Create buyer archetypes

  • 4 Discovering the market

    Competitor Research Creating Brand matrix Position the brand

  • 5 Uncovering the core

    Developing Brand Attributes ( Culture, Co-creator, Voice, Feel, Impact) Brand Tone Words Build Brand Archetype Brand Positioning Statements

  • 6 Visualise and communicate the brand identity.

    Aligning the objectives Agree on the brand vision

  • 7. Workshop 5 Reviewing Results

    Reviewing all the results